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Corporate Sponsorship

Benefits of corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship increases improved corporate image and reputation not only within the local community, but within the corporate sector and the community sector. It can be used as part of the marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

Models of corporate Sponsorship

Some companies support staff through either paid or time off for personnel to volunteer, others encourage adoption of particular causes, while some provide recognition events or awards. Other companies provide technical or professional support or the supply of equipment and resources via full sponsorship or discounted rate.  Fundraising or financial sponsorship for a project or a one off donation is also another Model of corporate sponsorship.

Community Partnerships

Benefits of Community Partnerships

Business, Service groups, Educational institutions and community groups working in partnership enjoy many advantages. Points can be gained for social responsibility and the community group gains through improved access to finances, knowledge, people or skills. Encouraging business, service groups & educational institutions and community organisations to work together fosters a healthy and viable society and can also lead to reinvigorating local support for community work.

Models of Community Part

A partnership can take various forms, including sponsorship, grants, volunteering, donations, in-kind support through products and services, mentoring and expert advice or a combination of methods. It might include employers asking employees to nominate companies they want to support and then encouraging them to donate through regular gifts or payroll deductions to groups at grassroots level. . Many employers often choose to match employee donations, further strengthening relationships between staff and management as well as the relationship between staff and management and the community group.

For more information on how to be involved in the Northern Illawarra Neighbour Aid Inc Corporate Sponsorship program or Community Partnership program, please contact the office.

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